2012 Kansas Public Library Standards


In 2012, the seven regional library systems wrote new public library standards.

These 50 standards are practices recommended to all Kansas public library.

Many are required by Kansas laws about libraries.

Other standards are best practices.

The Standards are divided into the following sections.
  1. Introduction

  2. Structure and Governance (12 standards)

  3. Planning, Marketing and Community Outreach (3 standards)

  4. Funding and Budget (6 standards)

  5. Services and Resources (7 standards)

  6. Automation and technology (6 standards)

  7. Library Personnel (9 standards)

  8. Physical facilities (4 standards)

  9. Appendix A: Base Library Director Salary Range

  10. Appendix B: Recommended Internet Bandwidth

  11. Appendix C: Chart of Library Standards by Service Level

PDF document with all standards

Below are groupings of standards.