Complete Bylaws for Public Libraries

Imagine trying to play a complex game with a summary of the rules? And you have never seen the complete set of the rules. How do know your summary mentions all the rules? How do you know how well the summary describes each rule? How do you know the summaries are up-to-date?

If "Library Board" is a game, then the bylaws should be the rules for playing the game. After reading numerous bylaws, I learned that all boards are playing with bylaws that are incomplete, inaccurate, and out-of-date.

Therefore, I wrote The Complete Library Board Bylaws combining Kansas library laws, standards, guidelines, ethics, and even tips and tricks into a complete set of rules for running the library board month-by-month through the year. For less frequent duties such as evaluating, hiring, and firing library directors the complete bylaws contain links to more information available on this Web site.