Responsibilities of trustees

- from Trustees and Librarians Working Together by Jim Swan.

This list is the organizing framework for this Web site. The top of each Web page states the responsibility covered by that page.

  1. Employ a competent and qualified librarian

  2. Determine the purpose of library and adopt written policies for governing the operation and program of the library

  3. Know local and state laws and actively support library legislation on the state and national levels

  4. Attend all board meetings and ascertain that accurate records are kept on file at the library

  5. Secure adequate funds to carry on the library program

  6. Assist in the preparation of the annual budget and approve the final document

  7. Be aware of the services of the State Library and Central Kansas Library System Report regularly to the governing officials and the general public

  8. Establish, support and participate in a planned public relations program

  9. Determine the program and needs of library in relation to the community and keep abreast of standards and library trends

  10. Attend regional, state and national trustee meetings and workshops and affiliate with appropriate professional organizations
See also K.S.A. 12-1225 Powers and duties of library boards in state law.