Welcome to the Trustee Handbook Online

Everyone wants to do a good job. Learning how to do a good job is sometimes hard. This Web site offers specific information when you need it. This Web site offers three methods of finding the specific information you need.
  1. On the left, a table of contents links to pages about broad topics. New trustees should click, "New Trustees".

  2. On the right is an index to more specific topics. Many words are attached to each Web page for the specific topics mentioned on that page. These words are listed on the right. Clicking a word retrieves every Web page discussing that topic.

  3. A third way to access the information on this site is through two documents.
    • On the left menu, "Responsibilities", list board responsibilities. Each responsibility has links to pages on this Web site.

    • The expanded library board bylaws are rules describing how library boards should operate. Beside many rules are Web addresses linking to pages on this Web site.
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