Budget cycle

What is the yearly budget cycle?

MonthsCity/Township/County Budget CycleLibrary Budget Cycle
January – MarchLibrarian and board review last year’s expenditures and plans and goals; determine library needs, determine library income required. Librarian writes draft of budget.

Board reviews draft.

Librarian and board complete final draft of budget.

In February or March, board approves resolution of intent to increase local tax income, if necessary, and GAAP Waiver.

If board passes a resolution of intent to increase local income, tell city in February or March, so the city can include this in their budgeting for the library.
April – JuneCity prepares its budget.

Local motor vehicle income amounts are available by June.
Librarian and board present written budget to city commission or township board around May or June.

When does your city prepare its budget?
When do they want your library to present their budget?
July – AugustLocal government publishes budget and conducts public hearing.

July - Local assessed valuations are available.

Mid-July - Cities can provide upcoming total amount of tax expenditures for library fund.

August 5 - City Notice of Budget hearing published in local newspaper.

August 15 - City holds public budget hearing.

August 25 - City delivers budget to county clerk
In late July, ask city clerk for official budget report submitted to Kansas Department of Administration.
This report now has a "red tab" worksheet which determines whether or not your library will receive State Aid and, because of the CKLS policies, the System grant. See Excel Spreadsheet's red tab called "Library Grants" at http://www.da.ks.gov/ar/muniserv/BudExcelForms/City1.xls Scroll down the spreadsheet for explanations.
September – DecemberIn early November, county clerk mails tax statements to taxpayers.Determine final operating budget based on official budget and other sources.

Budget issues for trustees (3 pages) defines terminology, responsibilities of library director and trustees and, explains the budget cycle including a calendar timing for each step of the process. Go to http://tinyurl.com/ax5lr9