Learning about your community

  • How many people live in your town? How close is your guess to the real answer?

    • How many items circulated from your library last year? Look up answer. Scroll down column A to your library and then move across to column CI "Total Circulation".

    • Divide last year's total circulation into the population.
      How many items circulated per person last year?

    • Compare circulation per capita for the past several years. For each year, click the row called "Circulation and Interlibrary Loan (or ILL)". One of the columns will be "Total per capita."
      Is your library's circulation per capita going up or down?
  • County profiles describe changes in: (Are these changes going up or down? How quickly? How do these changes affect who your library serves?)

    • Population size of various age groups

    • Public school enrollment

    • Number of child care facilities

    • Percentage of people and children in poverty

    • Business patterns

    • Rates of employment and unemployment

    • Income