How to fire a library director (or other employee)

Steps written by Harry Willems, Director of CKLS
  • The board must create a paper trail of the warnings and missives of the board that are being ignored; dates, actions etc.

  • A minimum of 2 written warnings must be given with performance improvement plans that require specific changes.

  • These plans should offer specific deadlines (4-6 Weeks) for change evaluations.

  • The second improvement plan stipulates the consequences if the plan is not completed to the satisfaction of the board; including dismissal

  • These should be signed by the librarian and the board president

  • Be prepared to support the efforts of the librarian to improve

  • If the librarian threatens to resign instead of signing an improvement plan, or does not complete the plan, say “will you give us two weeks to find a replacement” then accept her resignation for immediate or two weeks notice.

  • Do not give in, or accept a deal other than you are offering in the improvement plan.

  • Be prepared to step in to volunteer in the library while the assistant is trained and allow her to attend all CKLS training events.

  • Write a letter of dismissal or resignation to the librarian citing your reasons; failure to complete the improvement plans, or self resignation.

  • Be prepared to express your feelings to interested patrons and city officials, citing the regret but necessity of your actions

  • The above actions should be implemented if this is the best for the patrons of the library.
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